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Love For Lacey


The Old School Bus Year End August 2009 to May 2010

It has been a great year of driving the cutest preschoolers ever! I will miss you all, Brayden,Ben,Sam,Logan,Landon,Lincoln,Avery,big Josh and little Josh. Jacob, Camille and Bus Driver Pamee wish you all the best achievements ever through your school years.

And all my mid-day preschoolers! Jonah, Scott, Rusti Rue,Bryson,Kelcie,Walter,Erin,DJ,Trey,Brianne, Alex, Kaden, Sterling, Robert and Alec.
Dream Big, because they really do come true!
Drop me a note from time to time and let me know how you are doing.



The Happy School Bus

The Happy School Bus Rickety Rick. Driving Along, What A Kick, Happy Children Laugh And Play, "Oh, Bus Driver,Whats That You Say?" Sit, Sit, Sit, Safety First, You Know Little Kids, It Could Be Worse. The Happy School Bus Rickety Rick, Driving Along For Safety's First!      by Pamee  

I'd Like To BE
I"d like to be the kind of friend 
I want my friends to be:
Thoughtful, honest, kind and fair, 
When you need them, always there;
Hear my ailments blow by blow,
And listen to my tales of woe;

Keep in touch by phone and mail, 
Remember birthdays without fail...
Thats how I'd like to be!
I try to measure up, it's true, 
But many things I just don't do,
And think you will agree -

That if I can't be quit so good,
There seems no reason why I should...
Expect my friends to be!
by Dorothy T. Smith